20 Colorful Illustrations About Friendship and Positive Messages by Wawawiwa

Comics about friendship and positive messages can make us smile for a few key reasons, such as kindness, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles. These types of comics show the good things in life and the importance of positive connections. These comics mostly show everyday situations and challenges we face in friendships. When we see characters experiencing these moments, it can feel familiar and comforting. This is what the Instagram artist Wawawiwa creates for his fans.

Andrés J. Colmenares is a Colombian artist who created this wholehearted web comic. Basically, this comic series shows the adventures of several friends, among them the humorous and optimistic penguin Wawawiwa. Lola is a loving and compassionate dog, and Pablo is a witty and silly cat. His cartoons are renowned for their whimsical humor and easy-to-understand, colorful illustrations. That’s why he is able to reach an audience of 1.9 million followers.

Credit: Wawawiwa

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He started sketching comic strips as a hobby in 2009, but it soon became a way of life. The artist’s main objective is to provide his readers with a large, beautiful image and a way out of the difficult realities of life through his artwork. His comics typically address common subjects like family, love, and friendship. You can scroll down to the next section to see his finest comics.

#1. You are never alone

#2. Trees are our planet’s unsung superheroes

#3. Cat Lovers


#4. Dog House


#5. Mom

#6. Noises on Bed

#7. Biggest heart


He creates cute and colorful illustrations with a heartwarming and humorous touch. The title itself is described as a big visual hug that tickles you at the same time. He is active on various social media platforms, but his website is the best place to read more about him. There, you can enjoy the comics, find news and updates, and even purchase merchandise if you find yourself charmed by the characters.

#8. Got a Visitor

#9. Time to start the day

#10. Got the job


#11. Very Sick

#12. Trust Building Exercise

#13. Time to go to work


#14. Little Friend

Among the many awards he has received is the 2013 International Manga Award. Wawawiwa is exactly the kind of person that anyone would like to have as a friend. He always understands how to make people laugh, has a positive attitude, and is joyful. All of us faced situations similar to those in the story. Wawawiwa is a humorous and happy comic that is sure to make you smile, so be sure to check it out by clicking here and here to enjoy some more fun.

#15. Date is going great

#16. Horror Movie


#17. Just Floating There

#18. Everything will be fine

#19. Hilarious


#20. Calm Down

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