20 Times Cartoonist Jen Sorensen Creates Strange Comics About Political Issues

In the world of social media, there are many artists who make […]

In the world of social media, there are many artists who make comics about regular comic themes, such as comics about girls lives, comics about death, and dark humor comics. But there is an artist by the name of Jen Sorensen who chooses to make comics about political issues. The main reason to discuss this artist is to bring new types of comics to our readers. So that they can amuse and smile throughout reading the article. For this, you continue to scroll through the article and find the best collection of comics to enjoy in the following gallery.

Credit: Jen Sorensen

If you are curious to know more about the artist, then his Instagram profile is the perfect place to do this. Also check out his best twenty comics in this blog.

#1. Flag of foreign Country

#2. Advised Promotion

#3. The Great Regression


#4. Never Ending Crisis

Jen Sorensen is a highly regarded American editorial cartoonist known for her sharp observations and social commentary. She is the artist whose cartoons mostly reflect a liberal viewpoint on social and political injustices. She is a highly respected cartoonist, having been awarded the prestigious Herblock Prize in 2014 and becoming a Pulitzer Prize finalist in editorial cartooning in 2017.

#5. Virtual Spring

#6. Social Media Talks


#7. The Free State of California

#8. Vehicles Gone wrong

#9. Floored


#10. Cryogenic Surgery

She targets social and political injustices, particularly from a liberal perspective, such as income inequality, environmental issues, and political hypocrisy. By working hard day and night, she convinces 10,100 people to follow her on her Instagram account. Additionally, you will find her cartoons in countless news stories, ensuring her voice is heard across the country.

#11. Farmer Slave Plantation

#12. National Security Minister


#13. Journalism Awards

#14. University Administration

#15. Defended Fossil Fuels


#16. At the end of his Life

#17. Nothing Shocking

Beyond cartoons, she is actively involved in the cartooning community. She works as a comics editor for Splinter News and is on the National Advisory Council of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. If you find her comics interesting and want to promote her, then do not forget to share her blog. Also, keep supporting the artist by following her Instagram profile.

#18. Stay woke


#19. Return To Morality

#20. More Dragons

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