Here are 20 Wawawiwa Comics to Make People Smile and Feel Good

As we know, creativity knows no bounds, and laughter is a universal language. There’s a star that shines especially brightly. It’s the star of Wawawiwa Comics, a world where humor and artistry collide to bring joy and smiles to countless readers. But how did this delightful journey begin, and what inspires the mind behind the magic? Let’s dive into the whimsical world of Wawawiwa and uncover the captivating story of its creator.


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#1. Making Fun

#2. So much violence


#3. Surprise!

#4. Now perfect


Wawawiwa Comics isn’t just any webcomic; it’s an invitation to a realm where simplicity meets profundity and laughter intertwines with insight. But before we delve into the captivating content, let’s start where every great story should—with the beginning. The brain behind the whimsical sketches and clever narratives is Andrés J. Colmenares, the visionary artist who initiated Wawawiwa. This gifted creator hails from Venezuela, and his journey into the world of webcomics is as heartwarming as the comics he crafts.

#5. So weird

#6. Group photo


#7. No duck faces

#8. What’s your name?


Andrés’s venture into the world of webcomics wasn’t a calculated career move; it was a labor of love. He embarked on this creative journey fueled by his desire to spread happiness and laughter. And, boy, has he succeeded! He found joy in translating life’s quirks, complexities, and humor into simple yet profound sketches. It features a variety of characters, including animals, humans, and even inanimate objects, who interact with each other in heartwarming and humorous ways. The official Instagram account for Wawawiwa Comics has 2 million followers , where Colmenares shares his artwork and updates on the comic.

#9. Flowers

#10. Planning something evil


#11. Mom

#12. Make me proud


But what fuels the ingenious mind of Andrés? It’s the essence of everyday life. His ideas spring from ordinary moments that often go unnoticed. A walk in the park, a cup of coffee, a friendly conversation, or even the simplest expressions of emotion—all these contribute to the creative melting pot from which Wawawiwa’s gems emerge. Andrés’s artistic process is like alchemy. He takes these everyday moments, adds a dash of humor, and transforms them into something extraordinary.

#13. It’s a hand

#14. Rubber band


#15. It’s a photo

#16. Who did it?


With a pen as his wand and a notebook as his canvas, Juan continues to spread joy, one comic at a time. So, the next time you find yourself in need of a dose of pure, unfiltered humor, look no further than Wawawiwa. Let Juan’s creations whisk you away into a world where laughter reigns supreme and where the simple act of smiling can make the world a little bit brighter. After all, in the hands of a master like Juan, even the most ordinary moments become extraordinary sources of mirth.

#17. How?

#18. Done!


#19. You will see

#20. Spinning the earth


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