20 Cute and Decent Comics by “Wawawiwa” Will Surely Giggle You

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Wawawiwa Comics is the brainchild of a talented artist from Colombia, Andres Colmenares. Andres, who goes by the username wawawiwa, has always had a passion for drawing and storytelling. He started creating comics as a way to express his thoughts and emotions in a fun and engaging way. His work has earned him a massive following on Instagram, where he has almost 2 million followers.


He creates comics based on everyday situations that we all experience. From the joys of food to the struggles of adulting, the comics strike a chord with the audience. The characters in the comics are quirky, lovable, and relatable, which makes them endearing to the viewers. The comics feature simple yet expressive characters and backgrounds, which perfectly complement the humor in the dialogues. The style is refreshing and unique, which makes it stand out in a sea of visually rich content.

The humor in his comics is often absurd yet incredibly relatable. He manages to capture the essence of everyday struggles and turn them into hilarious situations that make us forget our worries, even for just a moment. His comics are like a virtual escape from reality, a moment of pure joy in a world that can often be tough. His illustrations are never too cluttered, and he uses color in a way that makes his work pop. This approach to his art has earned him a loyal fan base, and it’s not hard to see why. Check out some of his best illustrations by scrolling down. You can also enjoy some of his older posts on boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: Wawawiwa

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#1. I can’t stop

image 185

#2. Parents know it all

image 186

#3. Do it again!

image 187

#4. Finally asleep

image 188

#5. I am not a kid!

image 189

#6. Don’t like hugs

image 190

#7. Love time

image 191

#8. Winter season

image 192

#9. Saving from rain

image 193

#10. Friend being pal

image 194

#11. You will see!

image 195

#12. A good boy

image 196

#13. She is responsible

image 197

#14. The perfect gift

image 198

#15. Making fun of me

image 199

#16. Excuse me!

image 200

#17. Going to change the world

image 201

#18. Bless you!

image 202

#19. Pretty high chances

image 203

#20. I saw a ghost

image 204

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