25 Dark Comics by “War and Peas” with Surprising Turns and Endings




War and Peas is an Instagram artist duo that has gained a massive following on the social media platform. The two artists, Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz, create darkly humorous and often absurd comics that explore a wide range of topics, from pop culture to the human experience. The duo’s humor is edgy and at times dark, but it never fails to make the reader laugh or at least smile.

The duo has been creating and sharing their comics on Instagram since 2011, and has since amassed a large following of 1 million fans who can’t get enough of their twisted and humorous take on modern life. The use of vivid colors and sharp line work helps to enhance the impact of their humor, and the panels are often designed in a way that maximizes the visual impact of their jokes. Their comics are often socially relevant and explore the darker aspects of modern life, but they always manage to find the humor in even the most challenging topics.

The subjects of their comics are wide-ranging, but they often deal with the human experience and the absurdity of life. Their work often explores themes such as love, relationships, identity, and technology, and they are unafraid to take on challenging and controversial topics. Their approach to these topics is always fresh and unexpected, and their comics often have a twist ending that leaves readers surprised and delighted. They tackle deep and serious topics with wit and humor, making their comics both enjoyable to read and insightful. Let’s take a look at some of their best dark illustrations.

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Credit: War and Peas

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#1. Honey, I had a bad dream

#2. Fifty percent off

#3. Treating employees with respect

#4. Wolves

#5. You named it

#6. I am from accounting

#7. Got lucky last night

#8. Competition between mountains

#9. Raise your wands

#10. Marry me!

#11. Excellent question

#12. Super Vision

#13. Why are human so cringe?

#14. I am fine

#15. One million years before

#16. One last cruel joke

#17. Riding my bf’s gaint cock

#18. Don’t act weird

#19. I am so alone

#20. What’s underneath your hat?

#21. You are gonna die

#22. Where is your licence?

#23. Please stop!

#24. Security

#25. Let me live

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