20 War and Peas Comics Full of Dark Humor and Surprising Twists

War and Peas is a hilarious web comic known for its dark humor, surreal situations, and relatable observations about life. It was created by the duo Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz. It’s a favorite among many for its unique combination of dark humor and surprising twists. From relationships and technology to social commentary and existential questions, War and Peas covers various comics themes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


Since releasing their debut collaborative comic in 2011, the artists have developed a loyal following that looks forward to the publication of their next issue. With up to one million followers on Instagram, the series has already gathered hundreds of thousands of global fans. A selection of their most recent illustrations can be viewed in the section that follows. If you like dark comedy, you should read the following part.

Credit: War And Peas

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#1. New Evidence


#2. Aliens


#3. Found a planet

#4. Beating the meat


#5. Spring time

#6. doctor dog


The success of the webcomic led to several published collections, allowing fans to enjoy the comics in physical form. Their relatable humor in War and Peas overcomes language barriers, with translations available in various languages. Their comics have hidden twists; when readers think they get the joke, then there is an unpredictable turn that makes you laugh out loud.

#7. it was ok

#8. pool party


#9. bless you

#10. give nature a chance


#11. Ancient allien

#12. Cat people be like


#13. cool cat

#14. mile away


#15. Begun

The comics are in strip form, usually consisting of four panels, and they have humor that is dark and bizarre. This creative team will quickly become your new favorite authors because of how entertaining their comic series are. The majority of comics have colorful artwork that develops the scenario or joke before presenting the punchline. His comics are really enjoyable if you prefer dark humor. To access his previous articles on our website, just click here.

#16. keeping track


#17. So brave

#18. Read so much


#19. Last unicorn

#20. Hehe


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