Realities Faced by a Teenage Girl Are Perfectly Depicted in Three Adult Stories (25+ Pics) 




Lily O’Farrel is a talented artist and the creator of the popular webcomic series “Vulga Drawings.” Her unique style and dark humor have earned her a dedicated following on Instagram, where she shares her art with fans from all over the world. Lily’s art is often described as raw and unfiltered, with a focus on the darker aspects of life. The series features a cast of characters that are flawed, twisted, and often vulgar. Despite this, the characters are endearing in their own way, and readers can’t help but root for them.

Her art style is characterized by its simplicity and bold lines. Her illustrations often feature explicit sexual content, taboo subjects, and politically incorrect themes. While her art may be offensive to some, it is also refreshing in its honesty and willingness to confront uncomfortable topics. One of the things that makes Vulga Drawings stand out is her use of humor. She is not afraid to use satire and irony to highlight societal issues and call out hypocrisy. Her art challenges viewers to question their own biases and beliefs and confront uncomfortable truths.

However, it’s important to note that Vulga Drawings’ art is not for everyone. Some may find it offensive, vulgar, or insensitive. It is also worth noting that their art is not suitable for children or those who are easily offended. Despite the controversy surrounding their work, Vulga Drawings has amassed a significant following of 309,000 on Instagram. They have created a community of individuals who appreciate their unique style and willingness to push boundaries. 

Credit: Vulga Drawings

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#1. Being a woman is like being an actor

Being a woman is like being an actor in the sense that women often have to play different roles and wear different masks in order to navigate through a world that is plagued by social injustices. Women are often judged based on their appearance, behavior, and societal expectations, and they have to constantly adapt and adjust their behavior in order to fit into these narrow expectations. From the wage gap to gender-based violence, women are still fighting for equality in all areas of life. 

#2. Sexual Fantasies

It is important to respect the boundaries of others and to engage in safe, consensual sexual activities. It is also important to recognize the difference between healthy sexual desires and harmful, non-consensual behavior.

#3. Steps involved in sending a nude

This story focuses on the steps involved in sending a naked picture to a boyfriend and his reaction in return. The different steps a girl takes when she has been asked by her boyfriend to send nude pictures to him are shown in the next section. Scroll down to the section below in order to enjoy the illustrations. 

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