30 Brand-New Dark and Amusing Comics That You Have Surely Never Seen Before 

1111 Comics is a digital artist who has gained a significant following on social media for his minimalist yet thought-provoking comic illustrations. The artist, whose identity is unknown, has been creating digital comics since 2013, and his work has captured the attention of many people across the globe. The comics focus on topics related to life, happiness, and existence, providing a fresh perspective on these issues through a combination of striking illustrations and deep, thought-provoking messages.

The creator of these comics, who prefers to remain anonymous, gets his ideas from his own views and experiences. The comics’ messages are made all the more powerful by the artist’s minimalist style, which exudes a feeling of starkness and simplicity. The pursuit of happiness and meaning in life is one of the major topics covered in his comics. The artist’s comics examine the beauty and fragility of life as well as the difficulties of finding joy in the world around us, offering a poignant commentary on the state of humanity.

The creators of the comics are able to inject humor and whimsy into their work despite the serious and frequently existential topics they investigate. The comics frequently include lighthearted, humorous messages that offer a pleasant diversion from the deeper subjects covered. The artist offers a new take on ideas related to happiness, purpose, and life through his spare illustrations and abstract storytelling style. Check out the thought-provoking comics if you want to gain a fresh understanding of life and the human situation.

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#1. Vulture Hell

#2. Bat shark

#3. It’s magic

#4. Fishy politics

#5. I’m not a dwarf

#6. Mission to Mars

#7. Dodo

#8. Vaccination

#9. Hyena

#10. With God’s help

#11. April fools

#12. You’re my reality

#13. The new Guy

#14. Happy Birthday

#15. Lost in space

#16. Sometimes you freak me out

#17. It’s time

#18. Stay positive

#19. Going to heaven

#20. A troubling thought

#21. New barista

#22. I can change

#23. Everybody wins

#24. Overworked

#25. Kiwi

#26. Zak and Tree

#27. Don’t move

#28. Why the long face?

#29. Apple Tree

#30. The raven and the crow

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