An artist, Valérie Minelli, illustrates about her Daily Struggles Through her 25 Adorable Comics

Nowadays, social media sites like Instagram have developed into centers for innovation and self-expression. Mrs. Frollein is one artist whose distinctive and captivating work has won the affections of many. Valerie Minelli is her actual name. She is a Luxembourg-born comic book creator, aged 26. She claims to be a pessimistic person, but she constantly works to uplift others through her cartoons. Comic books seem to be therapeutic for Valerie. And she considers it a success if even one individual reads them. She has an audience of 478,000 Instagram followers.

The majority of Mrs. Frollein’s comics center on her connection with her boyfriend and her day-to-day personal issues. She frequently serves as the primary character in her comics, which usually take a humorous and relatable spin on daily life. Her comics frequently address issues like body image, relationships, mental health, and mature life’s challenges.  She is an example to many because of her talent for taking ordinary occurrences and turning them into humorous and relatable comics.

Through her artwork, she captures the challenges and joys of being in a relationship in a witty and endearing way. One of the reasons why Mrs. Frollein’s comics have become so popular is because they are so relatable. Many people who follow her on Instagram can see themselves and their partners in her comics. Through her artwork, Mrs. Frollein reminds us that relationships can be messy and complicated, but they are also full of love and laughter. You can check out her 20 most recent illustrations in the next section and some of her previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here, here, here, and here.

Credit: Mrs. Frollein

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#1. Listen

#2. Wrong Layer

#3. When will i learn


#4. Comic collab with rewriting extinction


#6. A ghost story


#7. New year’s resolution

#8. Hottie

#9. Don’t let them know, don’t let them see


#10. A mother has no favourite child

#11. It’s my birthday

#12. Spent hours


#13. This is not a drill

#14. Hehehe

#15. Maximum oversize


#16. My salty friends

#17. Everytime!

#18. Right?


#19. Better

#20. Fictional crush

#21. I do now


#22. Learn to swim

#23. It’s a competition


#24. Be kind!

#25. Little spoon!

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