I’m a pessimistic person, so I make comics about my daily struggles to cheer everyone up (30 new photos)




A lot of my comics are really wholesome. I try to make people happy as I am a pessimistic person myself. So comics are therapy for me and hopefully those who read them. If I can get one person to read them, it’s a success.

Drawing inspiration from my relationship with my boyfriend and daily personal struggles, I hope they find a way to touch people’s hearts.

It’s about feelings.

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Since it sometimes gets repetitive to always write about my own life, I’m working on a new series that will hopefully be ready for everyone to read soon. I’m very comfortable with my simple and cute art style, but I’m trying something new for my new project. I don’t know what that will look like yet, but it will definitely look different than the stuff I’ve done before.



The most beloved comics for me are the ones that include my childhood dog. And somehow also the ones where I meet my boyfriend across the room! I already accomplished more than I could have hoped for with these little comic strips. Right now I’m a full-time comic book artist/illustrator and that wouldn’t have been possible without little Frollein. Of course, being an artist is still tricky, so I hope it will get easier with time.



People always ask me what program I use to draw comics or if they need to buy an Ipad to do it. Spoiler alert: not you! I started with pen and paper and it worked fine. 🙂

If you want to draw comics, draw comics! You will get better over time, everyone has to start somewhere. Just don’t give up if it doesn’t come out how you expected it to look right away. I believe that everyone can draw comics!



I often get messages from people telling me that they are looking forward to my comics because they make their day a little bit better. It’s all I could ask for!

A girl came up to me and said that she wanted to kill herself and my comics prevented her from doing it. She said that by reading them she realized that there are still good things in the world and that we should appreciate the little things in life.

That was by far the most intense comment I have ever received and it really moved me. I hope you are well, girl!



I always liked to make art. I studied at art school, so I never had any doubts about what I wanted to do in life. I think doing these comics is like writing a diary for myself and for the people who read them and go “OMG, this is so me!” It makes me realize that I am not alone with these thoughts and feelings. Help people connect in a cute and simple way. Little Frollein is not just me, it’s all of us.






















Hi, I'm Bilal an article writer with a love for comics and entertainment. I've been writing for Boredcomics for more than 4 year. I am passionate about creating engaging and informative content that will keep readers entertained.

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