This Artist’s 30 Adorable comics Depict her and her Boyfriend’s Daily Struggles

Only happy people, it is believed, can make other people happy. I disagree with that notion because, in my opinion—and artist Valérie Minelli is a prime example—I think a depressed or gloomy person may also make other people happy. She is a Luxembourger comic book artist who is 26 years old. Mrs. Frollein, an adorable webcomic, was created by her. Her comics are very family-friendly.

In addition to working as an illustrator for children’s books, Valérie is still a student. She claims that for the time being, making webcomics is only a pastime, but she loves all of her wonderful fans and dreams of the day when she would be able to support herself by drawing comics. The connection between the illustrator and her lover, as well as her day-to-day personal issues, are major themes in Mrs. Frollein’s comics. The artist claims that the purpose of her work is to uplift people when asked why she makes comics. She also hopes that others will feel moved by her beloved comics.

When Minelli isn’t busy making comics, she enjoys drawing pictures for children’s books and obsessing over the band that she is currently into the most. Despite Valerie’s denials, she continuously strives to make others smile with her comics. If you look at the artist’s comics, you’ll immediately realize how she managed to amass a following of roughly 482,000 people on Instagram over the years and generate hundreds of comics.

Credit: Mrs Frollein

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