Long Comic Strips That Will Make You Smile and Cry at the Same Time

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Long comic strips that can elicit both laughter and tears are a testament to the power of visual storytelling. They have the unique ability to engage our emotions and make us reflect on life’s complexities while providing moments of humor and heartwarming sentiment. These comics often delve into a range of themes, from love and relationships to personal growth and the human condition, offering a diverse and emotionally charged experience for the reader.


Born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1989, Tumnulit discovered his love for art at an early age, and his passion for creative expression only deepened with time. Upon completing his high school education, Tumnulit embarked on a journey of artistic growth by enrolling at Silpakorn University, renowned for its excellence in the field of art. At Silpakorn, he immersed himself in the study of graphic design, a period during which he honed his distinctive artistic style. Post-graduation, Tumnulit ventured into the world of freelance illustration and animation, showcasing his remarkable talent. Let’s now delve into a selection of his finest creations.

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Credit: Tumnulit

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#1. Most Precious One

image 1409

Long comic strips by Tum Natakorn Ulit are a treasure trove of emotional and relatable illustrations. With an Instagram handle of @tumnulit, this account has garnered a substantial following of 214,000 fans, demonstrating the widespread appeal of Tum’s work. A dedicated artist, Tum Natakorn Ulit shares his creative genius through 720 thoughtfully crafted posts. His account also reflects his engagement with the artistic community, as he follows 1719 other accounts. Natakorn Ulit’s Instagram account also features a collection of reels, which are short-form videos that can be up to 60 seconds long. These reels showcase Tum Natakorn Ulit’s creativity and unique perspective.

#2. True Love

image 1410
image 1411
image 1412
image 1413

#3. Who’s is a good boy?

image 1404
image 1405
image 1406
image 1407
image 1408

What sets Tum’s comics apart are their length and depth. Unlike traditional comic strips, Tum’s creations offer an extended narrative, allowing for a more immersive and emotionally resonant experience. Through his art, Tum masterfully navigates the spectrum of human emotions, blending humor with moments of heartfelt tenderness. His ability to elicit both laughter and tears from his audience speaks volumes about the skill and empathy that infuse his work. As followers explore Tum’s collection, they embark on a journey through life’s various twists and turns, finding solace and understanding in the universality of human experiences.

#4. Then I Woke Up……

image 1414

#5. Right Person, Right Action

image 1415
image 1416
image 1417

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