Artist Create A motivational And HeartTouching Comic About Dog And His Owner




Tum Natakorn Ulit is a 27-year-old artist from Bangkok, Thailand who is best known for his colorful comic strips that take the unexpected twists we shared here on earlier this year. Inspired by his personal experiences, his stories are strong and heartbreaking, conveying a bittersweet sense of tragedy.  they will cause you very deep tears, but this is the beautiful of tragedy, isn’t it? His latest story is called “Brave heart”.

Today motivation for You, You can do everything if u really want to do A dog provides great motivation and can make your daily walk or run less lonely and more fun. … Some people are afraid to walk alone, but the added safety of a companion dog can make running and walking safer.

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In most cases, our human experience involves complex behaviors that enable us to solve problems in everyday life. Unsurprisingly, we are very familiar with the intrinsic motives that Pink describes. In fact, most traditional dog training concepts that resist the use of rewards also rely on attributing these intrinsic motivators to our dogs. Our dogs should speak up for us when asked “because they love us” or out of a sense of loyalty or duty. These are motivators that we humans understand well and to which we respond almost daily. But the truth is, our dogs live very differently from us. Their life with us does not consist of the creative approach we experience in solving complex problems. They have a much simpler, task-based existence where we only need to sit, wait, come, or a few other basic behaviors.








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