Artist Creates Illustrator Thought-Provoking 6 Comics That Will Probably Make You Cry

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You do not have to be ashamed of your tears. You don’t have to control them – if it does, it’s an antidote to relief. The message above is that the artist, Tum Natakorn Alt, is emerging with a sense of comic despite his butt weight. Bangkok illustrator, known for their small, heart-wrenching comic, has decided to spice up the holiday, mainly when it comes closer than imagined. If you are beginning to believe that there is no more time for fun, then artist Natakorn disagrees.


His own experiences greatly influence the artist’s comic, and it is, in fact, a way of expressing one’s feelings. Natakorn wants his illustrations to be something that people can appreciate, connect with, and perhaps help them in some way. Dealing with topics including the loss of loved ones, consumerism, bullying, relationships, and heartbreak, Netakorn’s artwork is particularly colorful while offering a sense of tragedy. We’ve put together six new comics, and they’re guaranteed to tear you apart, but in the end, a little ray of hope catches our eye. Watch!

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#1 Peek a boo





The comic”Peek Boo” tells a simple story about a newlywed couple. This story is about accepting each other for who we are and people are not expected to be perfect, because we face it, there is no one. The couple accepted each other and learned to appreciate the monsters inside them.

#2 journey






Our Journey is about travelers, at first glance, going to the places they always wanted to see. But maybe this story has a deeper meaning? It may be a sign of a relationship and how you spend a part of your life traveling with one person, but after a while, you separate and continue with the other. There is no reason to be sad, though – you still see the same sunset.

#3 Infinite








This story is kind of exciting. The way the wax figures go, live their lives, burn, and still do so, seems quite disturbing. But the story is a reflection of our society. We can see wax figures fighting among themselves and burning each other’s flames, and someone slips, slips, and falls out of the way. It can be a metaphor for the way we live our lives.

#4 Caution





Caution shows us from the life of a very moderate man that he breaks down the people he cares about. His words hurt the people around him so much that they just fell apart. Maybe if this had happened in real life, we would have thought before we spoke and started getting better at each other. It’s hard to see how much your words really hurt sometimes, so just be kind to each other and make sure you spread as much positivity as possible.

#5 Old man and the tree





The Old Man and the Tree is a very sad story about a man who lost his beloved and did not let him stay with him even after the tree had grown. If this story doesn’t let you down, congratulations Steel Heart.

#6 Brave heart








Being brave and standing up for the little ones is not an easy task. We can see it in the “brave heart”. This little boy does everything he can to protect his dog and his puppies. Even when he is bullied (which is just disgusting pu that drowns a dog ?!), even though his family life is not that long. He still manages to keep a good heart and becomes a soldier who saves lives.

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