20 Toothy Bj Comics Full of Dark Humor and Unexpected Twists

Toothy.Bj is an Instagram account known for its dark, absurdist, and often hilarious humor. The artist behind this web comic does not reveal his name and chooses to be anonymous for his audience. But his comics never fail to amuse his audience. His comics are typically four-panel illustrations with short captions, and they often deal with themes of death, anxiety, and the meaninglessness of life.


The artist’s sense of humor is rather good. Fans of this artist love his heartfelt content, which he consistently creates. The author gained 127,000 followers by creating amusing content for them. His comics have a sizable social media following and have been featured on many websites and newspapers. His finest comics are included in the section below.

Credit: Toothy.Bj

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#1. Big Foot


#2. Heart Attack


#3. Happy New Year

#4. Can someone think of the turtles?


#5. Prison is hell

#6. How to deal with pressure?


Even though he thought about making comics in 2017, he didn’t really start his artistic career until after a breakup in 2018. He claims that with time, his comics changed and got more advanced, which has received favorable feedback. His ability to convey the absurdity of the human situation, together with its uniqueness and wit, has won him recognition for his work.

#7. We need to stop corrupt dogs

#8. Old Problems


#9. Under Age

#10. It’s not much to ask


#11. Never Get stick

#12. Afraid


#13. Change

#14. Energy Crisis


His comics are often humorous and interesting, since they often seem ridiculous. They make us rethink what we believe and ask us to consider the meaning of it all. Toothy.Bj is a comic book website that showcases dark, humorous, and thought-provoking comics. It is definitely worth checking out. His art is available on Tapas, Instagram, and his website. His earlier posts are also available on our website by clicking here and here.

#15. The Tall Club

#16. Now it is written in stone


#17. Get Down

#18. Going to Hell


#19. Mobility

#20. Summer Breeze


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