25 Weird Comics by “Toon Hole Ryan” Will Surely Amuse You

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Toon Hole Ryan, also known as Ryan Kramer, is a gifted animator and artist who has built up a sizable online following, especially on Instagram. He produces amusing and frequently provocative stuff with his distinct cartoon style, winning over a large following. He regularly touches on universal themes and experiences in his comics, despite the exaggerated features and absurd situations.


As a hobby, Ryan began creating comics and animations, but his work quickly gained traction online. He currently has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, where he displays his most recent works of art. Bold lines, exaggerated facial expressions, and a cartoonish design reminiscent of vintage animation set his work apart. Particularly noteworthy is the way he uses color, using rich, vivid colors that pop off the screen. He has a devoted following because of his distinct personality and biting humor, and his willingness to approach sensitive themes with respect and compassion is truly encouraging.

One of the things that set Toon Hole Ryan apart from other artists is his willingness to push boundaries and take risks. His comics often feature risqué themes and adult humor, but they are always executed with a level of artistry and skill that is hard to match. He is not afraid to tackle difficult or taboo topics, such as mental health, addiction, and even death, and his ability to do so in a way that is both comedic and poignant is truly remarkable. We have compiled some of his best illustrations in the next section. If you want to read his previous posts on bored-comics, then click here and here.

Credit: Toon Hole Ryan

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#1. Big Award

image 205

#2. Snack Time!

image 206

#3. Stubbed Toe

image 207

#4. Good Enough

image 208

#5. Pain of Regret

image 209

#6. Pest Control

image 210

#7. Don’t Flush

image 211

#8. Asteroid

image 212

#9. Didn’t make it

image 213

#10. MicroPlastics

image 214

#11. Designer Purse

image 215

#12. Reflex Test

image 216

#13. Purse Thief

image 217

#14. Love and Accept

image 218

#15. Five year plan

image 219

#16. Make Love

image 220

#17. Great Performance

image 221

#18. The Guru

image 222

#19. Fuck off

image 223

#20. Divorce

image 224

#21. Birthday Wish

image 225

#22. Furry

image 226

#23. Different

image 227

#24. Read a book

image 228

#25. Heavy Drinking

image 230

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