25 Times This Artist Makes Weird and Absurd Comics for his fans

Happiness is the best thriller of humankind considering that love. Everyone appears to have a distinct concept of what it method to be happy, and what you want for your existence to virtually experience it. Some humans spend maximum in their lives attempting to find it, even as others are genuinely happy to be alive.

Today we bring another artist’s comics for you to make your mood happy. The artist name is “Ryan Kramer”. He has Instagram account “toonholeryan” on which he has 100k followers. The artist says about toonhole is that it is to slip on banana peel and fall over and into an opening in the floor in front of a room full of people who are laughing at you as you sustain an injury but not too badly, only kind of moderately, but it still totally sucks and you don’t like to talk about it.

The artist’s comics are funny but sometimes weird. He also revealed that he make comics with his friends in a free time. Comcis are the quicker way to tell a story. Check some of his amazing illustrations in the gallery below.

Credit: toonholeryan

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