20 Toon Hole Comics Will Make You Laugh With Surprising Endings

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Chris Allison, also known as Toon Hole Chris, is definitely a fascinating figure in the world of web comics. He is the artist known for his dark, surreal, and often absurd situations. His comics vary from single-panel comics to multi-panel comics, keeping readers surprised with unexpected punchlines and bizarre scenarios.


The artist usually captures themes of life, death, and the universe, but with a satirical and darkly humorous twist. Chris isn’t afraid to poke fun at societal norms and human flaws with his unique brand of dark humor. By creating this type of comic, he is able to gather an audience of 101,000 Instagram followers. If you want to create such a type of comic, then don’t waste time and scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Toon Hole Chris

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#1. Thin Walls

image 3118

#2. Unbelievable

image 3119

#3. Never trust a fart

image 3120

#4. Pet parents

image 3121

#5. Laugh at you

image 3122

#6. Mugger

image 3123

As a hobby, he began creating comics and animations, but his work quickly gained attention online. Now, it is the most popular and well-known web comic all around the world. He has an Instagram and Facebook page where he displays his most recent works of art. Along with that, he also has a personal website where he regularly updates comics.

#7. Rob the rich, give to the poor

image 3124

#8. Garbage man

image 3125

#9. Ugly wretched thing

image 3126

#10. Wrestling

image 3128

#11. Nose bleed

image 3129

#12. Fandom

image 3130

#13. Bad Kitten

image 3127

#14. The red coats

image 3131

He also occasionally shares insights into his creative process and inspirations. He says most of his ideas come to mind when feeling relaxed or enjoying time with friends. If you enjoy the absurd, enjoy unexpected twists, and aren’t afraid to laugh at the darker side of life, Toon Hole Chris is definitely worth checking out. For more enjoyment, you can click here, here, and here.

#15. Flush

image 3132

#16. Police Bribe

image 3133

#17. Premature toast

image 3134

#18. Human Torch

image 3135

#19. First time flying

image 3136

#20. Dog restaurant

image 3137

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