20 Toon Hole Comics Based on Hilarious and Unexpected Twists

The magic behind Toon Hole is a talented team of cartoonists led by Chris Allison. He’s accompanied by several additional artists, including Noah Van Sciver, Drew Weing, and Michael Kupperman, each of whom adds their unique expertise to the comics. He is a true expert in the art of creating dark puns and unexpected twists in his humor.

His art is distinguished by its strange and unique sense of humor, which frequently takes regular events and adds a clever, hilarious, and sometimes dark twist. Chris’s comics are praised for their ability to surprise and amuse readers with their unusual comedy. By doing so, he’s able to grab an audience of 101,000 Instagram followers. You can see his best comics in the next section. You can also access this artist’s earlier posts on Boredcomics by simply clicking here and here.

Credit: Toon Hole Chris

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#1. Headphones

#2. Carpool Lane

#3. Menu

#4. Stop Swimming

#5. Out of Order

#6. Teenage Robots

Since 2010, a group of creators has been consistently posting wacky and bizarre comics on their website. He met the other men in college and became a member of the Toon Hole crew after they became friends through their shared love of classic cartoons. Every comic idea could simmer for days and take several forms until it is completed, despite the fact that his comics often take only a few hours from start to finish.

#7. Hydrant

#8. Tag

#9. Don’t Use

#10. Most Intelligent

#11. Santa

#12. Cream Factory

#13. Black Power

Toon Hole Chris is skilled at creating lighthearted, fun comics that will surely make you laugh, even though his comics often tackle serious subjects. His writing is always joyful and lighthearted, never negative or malevolent. It’s always stimulating and clever. His work has received praise from both fans and critics for its humor, originality, and unique perspective on the world.

#14. Killing Germs

#15. True

#16. Grand Mother

#17. Validation

#18. Realistic

#19. Salad

#20. Birthday Party

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