Here are 25 Brand-New Weird and Witty Comics by “Toon Hole Chris “




Chris Allison, an Instagram artist who has amassed a sizable following of 101,000 for his distinctive and frequently irreverent cartoon-style drawings, is the creator of the webcomic series Toon Hole Chris. Toon Hole was born and raised in the United States. Since he can recall, Chris has been creating cartoons, and in 2009, he started sharing them online. He has honed a unique style over the years that combines absurdity, dark humor, and a dash of whimsy.

His willingness to address taboo or contentious topics distinguishes his comics from those of other cartoonists. His comics frequently deal with serious subjects like sex, substance use, and death, but he does so in a way that is humorous and makes the subjects more approachable. Even though his art is frequently referred to as “off-color,” it is always clever and stimulating. Fans and reviewers alike have praised his work for its humor, creativity, and distinct viewpoint on the world.

He creates figures that are both cartoonish and realistic by using strong lines and exaggerated features. He has a special aptitude for creating strange and unsettling animals, and his comics frequently take place in fantastical or surreal settings. Despite the frequently serious themes he explores in his comics, Toon Hole Chris is also skilled at producing frivolous, humorous comics that are certain to make you laugh. His writing is consistently lighthearted and enjoyable, never malicious or cynical. Grab a coffee and scroll down to the section below if you want to enjoy his illustrations.

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Credit: Toon Hole Chris

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#1. Grandma’s Project

#2. Vampire Attack

#3. Cartoon Take

#4. Shoot for the moon

#5. Fatherly Advice

#6. Beautiful Day

#7. Meet your heroes

#8. Long Showers

#9. Laugh at you

#10. Mugger

#11. Rob from the rich and give the poor

#12. Ugly wretched thing

#13. Bad kitty

#14. Wrestling match

#15. Only fans

#16. Hover hand

#17. Remembering

#18. Hostage Situation

#19. Cough Cough

#20. God’s Judgement

#21. Taxes

#22. Keeper

#23. Consequences

#24. Always watching

#25. The proposal

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