20 Times Cartoonist Draws Comics About Parenting and Awkward Moments


Dark humor might be the quirky cousin of regular humor—a bit twisted but wildly popular among some. Ever heard of Brian Russell? He’s the maestro behind “The Underfold,” a webcomic series that’s as dark as it gets. But it’s not all gloom and doom; Russell adds a sprinkle of parenting, D&D, and everyday awkwardness, making it relatable to pretty much anyone.

Russell, a self-proclaimed webcomic artist and animator, pours his twisted creativity into comics that defy expectations. With endings that hit you like a plot twist in a thriller movie, his comics are like a rollercoaster ride you never see coming. And guess what? There are over 51,600 people hanging onto his every comic on Instagram.

But hey, dark humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some folks cringe at it, and that’s okay. It’s like that one spicy dish that’s too hot for some taste buds but has an absolute flavor explosion for others. Russell’s comics might not be everyone’s go-to, especially for those who can’t quite wrap their heads around them. But for the many who appreciate his art, it’s pure gold. You can also see his previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking here.

Credit: The Underfold

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#1. Elon Musk


#2. Christmas!

#3. Stop This


#4. Stream

#5. After helping my kids out with homework


Humor is a funny thing. No pun is intended. We all chuckle at different things, finding laughter in the oddest corners of life. But if there’s a brand of humor that’s a tad twisted and a bit offbeat, it’s in the realm of dark humor. It’s like the unexpected punchline that catches you off guard, leaving you laughing and slightly guilty at the same time. Some people revel in it, finding solace in the shadowy corners of wit, while others shy away, unable to wrap their heads around its peculiar charm.

#6. Something Terrible

#7. Nothing!


#8. Am I out of touch?

#9. Cursed Items


#10. Lifetime Subscription

For Russell, crafting comics was a childhood dream that he’s polished into an art form over the past decade. The digital canvas has become his playground, where he molds bizarre scenarios into strips that captivate a staggering audience of 51,600 followers on Instagram alone. That’s a testament to the allure of his off-kilter humor, drawing in a legion of fans who eagerly anticipate his next twisted tale.

#11. Urgent


#12. Scary Story

#13. You are fired


#14. Keeping up with trends

#15. Night Mare


#16. Torment

#17. Haunted


You see, dark humor isn’t just about the laughs; it’s about pushing boundaries and tiptoeing along the fine line between discomfort and hilarity. It’s an acquired taste, a rollercoaster ride through the human psyche where the unexpected is the norm. So, whether you’re a dark humor aficionado or a skeptic peeking through cautiously parted fingers, give “The Underfold” a whirl. Brace yourself for a whirlwind journey into the bizarre, where laughter and discomfort intertwine and the punchlines are as dark as the night sky.

#18. Attention please

#19. Resting Place


#20. Ghost of You

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