20 Comics About The Experiences Of A Red-Hair Girl By The RedDot

We are back to talk about a well-known female author who goes by Kim Winder. The artist has published her articles many times before on Bored Comics. If you are willing to enjoy them, then simply visit the links provided Here And Here. She is the artist who shows her experiences as a woman, exploring the complex world of mental health and relationships, and even using weird humor in her illustrations.

Her comic book series, The RedDot, has made her famous. The artist herself and the dot are the two primary characters. In her comics, Dot is a character who regularly appears beside her talking and intelligent houseplant. Her comics use humor and weirdness to explore real-life situations. Kim Winder is on Instagram, but she also has a website and a Facebook page where she posts updates on her creative work.

She managed the business’s office before turning herself to comics full-time. Even though she has a degree in graphic design, she has mostly used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in her work. 453,000 people worldwide love Kim’s work because of her relatability and honesty. If you are in the mood for something naughty today, you can view her comics in the gallery below.

Credit: The RedDot

For More Info: Instagram | Facebook | Website

#1. Stop Being a drama queen

#2. Not feeling it

#3. Wrong Pronunciations


#4. Never Mind

#5. Just winging it

#6. Super Surprising


Kim Winder launched it in 2015, and it has experienced a major rise in popularity. Not every audience will enjoy her comedy because of her amazing sense of humor. But once you realize this, there is no coming back. Because of this, she has many followers who have been with her for a considerable amount of time. You can also support the artist by sharing her content with as many people as possible.

#7. Are you serious?

#8. Enjoy Your Cramps

#9. Play It Cool


#10. At last It’s Mine

#11. Checking Us Out

#12. Weird Feeling


#13. Security Cards

Kim Winder claims that sharing her illustrations online helped her make connections with other people. The combination of affection and sorrow surprised her. There are a lot of sad people in the world. Whenever she tried to sketch what she imagined people would like to see, She observed that her engagement increased as soon as she made content according to what her fans desired to watch.

#14. Look so much pretty

#15. Eat for a life time


#16. Would not eat it again

#17. Good Job

#18. Settle a belt for me


#19. He Looks Hot

#20. Got it

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