20 Comics Shows the Issues Faced by Young Girls in This Modern World

For a long time, there have not been many comic artists that perfectly show the lives of girls and young women. But now, many female artists want to express their own experiences and perspectives. These experiences are mostly based on the challenges they have faced growing up as girls and navigating the world as women. They think that creating comics can be a way to process these experiences and emotions.

Prudence Geerts is a female artist who investigates the issues that women face on a daily basis, such as body image and social pressures. Her comics center on issues that are relevant to women. She has an Instagram account with the title Planet Prudence. Her amusing and relevant drawings are highly enjoyed by her 649,000 followers, and they always wait to see when the artist will upload a new collection of comics.

The artist grew up in Belgium. She illustrates her life and ideas through comics. The illustrator stated that she enjoys using comics because they simplify an argument or emotion. She takes her detailed ideas and thinks about how to convey them in the fewest possible panels. You can better understand her content by scrolling down to the section below.

Credit: Planet Prudence

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#1. Going Out Outfit

#2. Self Care

#3. Victim of abuse


#4. Different fashions

#5. Comfort Zone

#6. Society’s View


She talked about how social media, especially Instagram, has impacted her artistic career and gave her thoughts on the significance of putting her comics online. She finds happiness in sharing her works of art online. When asked what she wants her readers to take away from her comics, she said that making people feel seen and understood is her main objective.

#7. Fat Belly

#8. Imposter Syndrome

#9. Holiday feelings


#10. Both are normal

#11. Expectations vs Reality

She is the illustrator who is not afraid to create comics that criticize societal pressures and unrealistic expectations of beauty. She discusses themes that a lot of women are familiar with, like difficulties growing up and body image concerns. You can relate to her jokes, whether they were about the struggle she had with periods or body image.

#12. Going to therapy


#13. Cat Love

#14. People Being Romantic

#15. Social Media


#16. Real Issue

She primarily uses Instagram to interact with her followers and share behind-the-scenes looks at her creative process. Despite the humor in her comics, Planet Prudence mostly promotes female empowerment. She inspires people to appreciate themselves for all of their imperfections. Make sure to check  Here And Here to read her other posts on our website.

#17. Be kind to others

#18. Social Battery


#19. Sleeping with boyfriend

#20. Mental Health treatment

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