20 Times Artist Kim Winder Creates Comics About Her Relationship and Insecurities

The RedDot is a web comic created by a female artist whose good name is Kim Winder. She is an artist who is an expert at exploring everyday situations with a focus on themes of insecurity and relationships. Her comics mostly show her experiences as a woman, examining relationships, going into the confusing world of mental health, and even using clever language. She mostly captures her relatable experiences in her comics.


With over 454,000 followers on Instagram, she has an impressive following due to her humorous as well as funny viewpoint on life. Even though she has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, she has mostly used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in her work. She managed the business’s office before dedicating herself to comics full-time. A lot of people really like her because of her fantastic sense of humor, relatability, and honesty.

Credit: The RedDot

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#1. The Safe Choice


#2. New toy


#3. True story

#4. To the edge


#5. Best Godmother Ever

#6. Grand Babies


Since Kim Winder launched The RedDot in 2015, it has grown significantly in popularity. She never seems to be satisfied with just one look. Instead, it seems like she’s always thinking about new ones. Not every audience will enjoy her comedy because of her amazing sense of humor. But once you realize this, there’s no going back. Because of this, she has actual Instagram followers that have been with her for a considerable amount of time.

#7. Lunch Break

#8. Meme format


#8. Game

#9. Getting Close


#10. Play With me

#11. Trade


#12. That’s Better

#13. Bone


#14. Really Late

#15. Do not look


Her comics feature a character named Dot, which is the artist herself. Another character is her talking, intelligent houseplant. She uses strangeness and humor to investigate real-life, everyday happenings. In addition to her Instagram account, Kim Winder also runs a website and a Facebook page where she posts updates on her creative projects. On our website, you can view her prior posts by clicking here, Here And Here

#16. Look

#17. Taken Care


#18. What are you doing?

#19. Big Enough


#20. Sorry

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