20 The Pigeon Gazette Comics Shows a Girl Facing Social Situations and Challenges

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Now that we are back, we have an additional collection of comics by a fantastic writer whose work you may remember, based on relationships and real-life events. We would like to present to you a graphic designer and cartoonist by the name of Jane Zei. She is best known for her web comic, The Pigeon Gazette. It offers amusing, timely life slices. It explores Jane’s own struggles with relationships, employment, adulthood, and other topics with humorous expression and visually appealing artwork.


The artist’s own expressions play a key role in conveying humor and emotions. Her comics revolve around the adventures of a smart girl who navigates relationships with others, challenges at work, and personal development. People who suffer from awkward situations, interactions with others, and everyday anxiety can relate to the comedy. 

The artist says that even though she had been in a relationship, the separation had inspired her to try something else. Given that the Pigeon Gazette has exceeded her craziest expectations, she feels that social networking sites and online communities were the right platforms for her at this specific point in her life. That was the beginning of this comic strip. Now, she has 187,000 Instagram followers.

Credit: The Pigeon Gazette

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#1. Cutting into the hand

image 953

#2. Can you do the dishes?

image 954

#3. Parents Be Like

image 955

#4. So Cute

image 956

#5. Who is Smoking?

image 957

#6. So Hot

image 958

#7. Anime Club

image 959

She is a video game lover who experiences anxiety about social situations when presented with the complexities of human relationships. In her artwork, she expertly portrays a character who fights the hardships of daily life. Her relevant comics consistently reflect her everyday experiences. The artist says that the main purpose of making comics about herself is that she wants to gain popularity and become famous.

#8. Before You Interview

image 960

#9. Do not Need Eyebrows Either

image 961

#10. Thoughts During Shower

image 962

#11. The Hair is not Fair

image 963

#12. Take This Prescription

image 964

#13. Late For Work

image 965

#14. Catch me first

image 966

The artist skillfully illustrates the daily problems that a person with social phobia faces. Her comics typically feature an intelligent girl in many different kinds of social circumstances, which will emotionally connect with anyone who experiences anxiety when socializing. We hope her comics will resonate with you and bring you delight as well. Please click Here and Here to view more comics on our website.

#15. Do not understand

image 967

#16. Got it

image 968

#17. Full of Foods

image 969

#18. Movie Night

image 970

#19. Periods again

image 971

#20. Super Bowl

image 972

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