20 Fabulous Comics Highlights The Daily Adventures of the Artist Kao

We are excited to present to you again the comic book artist […]

We are excited to present to you again the comic book artist who drew his panels based on his everyday adventures. The series is known as Mondo Mango. This comic series has previously appeared on Bored Comics multiple times. We encourage you to view our previous post, which included some of this artist’s early comics, if you have not already. We have included links to this Here And Here for your convenience.

This Instagram account is well-known for its colorful and realistic comics. It was made by Vincent Kao, who is a well-known comic book illustrator. His most well-known works, Magical Boy and Mondo Mango, are well-known. We’re going to talk about his web comic, Mondo Mango. It’s a self-serving slice-of-life webcomic. It depicts the daily activities of the artists, usually focusing on the humorous and realistic aspects of reality.

Credit: The Kao

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You can enjoy some of his best comics in the following section:

#1. Public Speaking

#2. Back Home

#3. Water


#4. Tall People Things

#5. Building Tolerance

#6. Computer


The amusing journeys of Mango are revealed in this fantastic series. He is a happy and optimistic person who aspires to be a superhero. He is renowned for his endearing paintings, realistic humor, and touching scenes. His comics are usually charming, four-panel works that are ideal for a quick read. His primary objective is to make his audience laugh by using comedy to share his amusing stories.

#7. Game On

#8. Rainbow Madness

#9. Failure


#10. Chop Sticks

#11. Two Types

His comic has a strange cast of characters, such as GoGo. It is a dragon that is primarily viewed as a mango. There are many more characters, which you can see in his comics while watching and reading. The stories provide a sweet window into the creator’s life and are pleasant and entertaining. He can access an audience of 113,000 genuine followers on Instagram by doing this.

#12. Short Benefits


#13. Year to shine

#14. Dating Life

#15. One Frequency


#16. Getting Ready

Even though Kao’s experiences mostly become the subject of his drawings, highlighting particular events in his friendships and familial relationships gives them warmth and a sympathetic quality. His humorous and encouraging conversations highlight the value of relationships in daily life. We hope the blog was enjoyable for you. Keep returning to Bored Comics regularly to experience even more fun.

#17. Game On

#18. Pasta Shapes


#19. popcorn

#20. Ignore The Surroundings

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