Here are 25 Clever Comics Full of Twisted Endings by “The Jenkins Comics”




The world of social media has opened up new avenues for artists to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. One such artist who has made a name for themselves on Instagram is “The Jenkins Comics.” With a unique style and relatable content, they have amassed a large following of 100,000 fans on the platform. It is the pseudonym of an artist based in Los Angeles, California. 

They produce artwork based on their observations of daily life and personal experiences. Their work is distinguished by its straightforward, uncluttered lines and sparse use of color, which is frequently limited to black and white. The Jenkins Comics are unique in their capacity to express intricate feelings and concepts through straightforward drawings. They cover a variety of subjects with a humorous and relatable spin, including relationships, mental health, and social problems. In many of their cartoons, a character by the name of “Jenkins” serves as a proxy for the creator and their experiences.

Their art resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds as they tackle universal themes that we all face. They have built a community of followers who eagerly await their next post and engage with their content through comments and shares. Jenkins Comics has also published a book titled “Jenkins’ Lives,” which is a compilation of their comics. The book showcases their range and versatility as artists, as well as their ability to tell a story through their art. Let’s see some of their recent comics in the next section. You can also read some of their previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here, here, here, and here.

Credit: The Jenkins Comics

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#1. Board games in jail

#2. Date Outfit

#3. Proper alignment

#4. Toddler lawyer visit

#5. Fun house

#6. Toddler lawyer custody

#7. Secret word

#8. Witness

#9. You are under oath

#10. Smoke doctor

#11. Scramble him

#12. Olympics

#13. Giant factory

#14. Out of ideas

#15. Everytime

#16. The quiz

#17. No nuts table

#18. Pill calender

#19. Applicants

#20. Daft punk

#21. Hallmark

#22. Unsupervised learning

#23. Hip abduction

#24. Smartest in the room

#25. Ink shoplifting

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