The Other Ends 20 Best Comics By Neil Kohney- Best Cartoons to make your day Bright

With new comics posted daily, The Other End will never leave you hanging.

Neil Kohney, freelance writer and cartoonist from Long Beach, CA. His webcomic, The Other End, is featured on GoComics, Tapastic, and Webtoons. These comics are a mixture of double meaning jokes and sarcasm which stimulates a person’s common sense to understand these comics.

The Other End is one of the most popular and most interesting comics to change a bizarre mood into a jolly one. This comic tells a short scenario of a situation into a complete meaning of jokes.

Rather than a long comic story, this comic takes a few seconds to read a full comic scene.

Different characters are illustrated as having a different sense of humor which makes a reader amused by reading these comics.

The Other end creates many Updated comics that tell a new story every time different and more interesting than the previous one. These comics are so refreshing for a disturbed and stressed person. A person can check these comics to divert his mind and go on with ease and calmness. here are the 20 Best Comics of Neil Kohney’s work.

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