The Internet’s Favorite Duo, Pixie and Brutus, Has Released Three New Hilarious Stories (20+ Pics)

Artist Ben Hed created the well-known webcomic series Pixie and Brutus, which is about a small, innocent-appearing kitten named Pixie and her unusual relationship with a large, intimidating-appearing war dog named Brutus. The stark difference between Pixie’s innocence and naiveté and Brutus’ wartime experiences’ harsh realities is a common theme in comic books. Despite their differences, the two characters grow closer as they deal with different day-to-day challenges.

Due to their heartwarming nature and relatable characters, the cartoons have amassed a sizable following of 2.5 million followers on social media sites like Instagram. The popularity of Pixie and Brutus is evidence of the potency of comic book narrative and the power of artists to emotionally engage viewers. In Pixie and Brutus, each character is depicted with unique traits that highlight their characters. The art style is straightforward but effective.

Despite having very different personalities, the comics show the two characters’ sweet friendship through the many adventures and difficulties they encounter together. The way that Pixie and Brutus explore weighty subjects like war, trauma, and societal injustice through the experiences of the animals is one of their distinguishing qualities. It has become a phenomenon in culture thanks to the distinctive artwork and endearing characters, and readers anxiously anticipate the publication of each new comic.

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Credit: Pet Foolery

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#1. Teamwork

This story is a wonderful illustration of the value of teamwork and how two very dissimilar people can work together to accomplish a common objective. The comic also emphasizes Pixie and Brutus’ special relationship, which is a recurring subject in Pet Foolery’s comics. The author has a gift for crafting endearing and humorous tales that highlight the unique bonds that can develop between people and animals.

#2. Prank

This story is based on a prank between Pixie and Brutus. Some people will do the most annoying, intrusive, unkind, and inappropriate things and then say, “It’s just a prank,” as though that makes it okay. You can understand the whole story by scrolling down to the section below.

#3. It’s easy to forget to appreciate the good stuff in our lives

It’s easy to forget to appreciate the good stuff in our lives, especially the little things. It sounds strange, but I personally take comfort in knowing things could be so much worse. Any problem, frustration, or inconvenience I might have in my day-to-day routine is so small as compared to the suffering that’s possible in this life. That sounds really pessimistic. I guess it’s like I’m always fearing disaster, but I mean it in a grateful way. 

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