20 The Awkward Yeti Comics Shows Contrast Between Heart and Brain


Nick Seluk is the creator of the well-known webcomic The Awkward Yeti. Heart and Brain, his webcomic series, is what made him most famous. As the name shows, it features two main characters. Heart is an emotional and energetic character who is readily affected by emotions. The brain is a careful, logical character that wants to control emotions and make wise choices.

His comics show their often conflicting inner conversations as individuals face relationships, daily life events, and ethical choices. The humor comes from the contrast between their personalities and their attempts to work together. By capturing such situations, he has 1.8 million followers on his Instagram account. If you want to enjoy hilarious things that happen between the heart and the brain, feel free to explore the next section.

Credit: The Awkward Yeti

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#1. Books


#2. Someone needs me

#3. Needs to change


#4. Little Dramatic

#5. So close


#6. Hilarious

He started making comics with a love for drawing and developed his skills by sketching, practicing character design, and illustration. He thinks about what it feels like to portray his thoughts in his comics. This comic series has become quite popular and relatable, as it explores the inner battle between our emotions and logic that we all experience from time to time.

#7. To do List


#8. Debate Style

#9. Pay Day


#10. Some Organs

#11. This is why I can rarely nap


#12. Self Care

#13. Let’s Eat


#14. Life is Hard

He claims that the ongoing conflict between these two characters is what gives rise to humor. These situations come to life in a humorous manner, portraying the struggles we all go through on a daily basis. The comics have a deeper meaning, even though they are obviously funny. They discuss the importance of maintaining a balance between reason and emotion. If you want to enjoy his previous posts on our website, then click here and here.

#15. Fresh and Clean


#16. Just hold it

#17. Craftsmanship


#18. Regret

#19. Being an Adult


#20. Scammed

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