20 Argyle Sweater Comics Based on Single-Panel Jokes and Humor

For those people who are fans of Scott Hilburn’s comics, there is good news for them. We are bringing them another fine collection of comics. For this, you have to stay connected with us until the end of this article. If you have not read his earlier articles on Bored Comics, you can do so by simply tapping on the links provided Here And Here. If you have read those, then skip them and move on to the next section.

Incredible cartoonist Scott Hilburn is the creator of the daily comic strip The Argyle Sweater. This American comic strip publishes new comics on a weekly basis. It is popular for its weird humor and one-panel design, which was launched in April of 2008. Andrews Syndication is the one that publishes this comic book series. It has several kinds of comic characters and explores humor that is influenced by children’s imagination but was created for an adult audience.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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If you enjoy clever humor and comics that are based on the unexpected, The Argyle Sweater is definitely worth checking out.We guarantee that your time will be worth it to watch his fabulous comics. We guarantee that your time will be worth it to watch his fabulous comics. For this, simply visit the following gallery:

#1. Roman Report Cards

#2. Preparing For Concert

#3. Doctor


#4. So much easier for parents

#5. Come Here Quick

He currently has 105,000 Instagram followers, which is an impressive number of followers. Many single-panel comic artists have been inspired by his use of shocking comedy and the single-panel format. His comics include a broad spectrum of subjects, from weird scenarios involving legendary creatures, animals, and even nonliving things to hilarious observations on everyday life.

#6. Get Invited to another party


#7. So Dramatic

#8. Nothing about Slippers

#9. Not Dangerous


#10. Annual Poultry Function

You can see every type of thing in his comics. Many animals, such as wolves, dogs, cats, zebras, bears, bees, chickens, game show hosts, and even cavemen, can be found in his comics. His comics are humorous in a way that is simultaneously relatable and intelligent. His characters are always making for a good laugh, and he has a fantastic sense of how to find humor in the ordinary.

#11. Things of Evil

#12. How Airplane Mode Works


#13. Self Check Out

#14. Good One

The artist claims that it is difficult to make people laugh with just one panel. Nonetheless, he consistently makes his fans laugh and is excellent at portraying humor in a single panel. If you want to appreciate his efforts, then must share this blog and watch his earlier content on Bored Comics.

#15. The Correct Usage


#16. Metro zoo

#17. Have not seen a rainbow

#18. No Pulse


#19. New Year’s Tradition

#20. So High Pitched

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