20+ Absurd and Single-panel Comics by the Cartoonist “Scott Hilburn”

Sometimes a one-panel comic is enough to make you laugh by understanding the whole scenario. Many comic creators use four panels to develop their plots. However, some artists succeed in telling funny stories in just a single panel. It is also difficult to make people laugh only with a single panel. That’s why there are few artists who make single comics. One of them will be discussed today.

“Scott Hilburn” is the name of the creator. He is a cartoonist who rose to fame after being exposed to high doses of radiation while growing up “on top of an artic glacier.” He produces a humorous comic series called “The Argyle Sweater” that has stupid circumstances and crazy humor. He is an example of an illustrator who produces one-panel comics with a humorous and dark sense of humor.

The majority of the people represented in Scott’s illustrations are inanimate objects or imaginary beings. Pop culture, historical allusions, or mixing animals or fairy tale creatures with human surroundings and real-life situations are some of the inspirations he draws from for his comics. Many people ponder how a cartoonist with only one panel can convey so much in just one frame and have an audience of 102k fans on an Instagram account. Check out some of his best comics now.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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