20 Times Cartoonist Scott Hilburn Sums Up Hilarious Jokes Only in a Single Panel

The Argyle Sweater is a daily comic strip created by brilliant artist Scott Hilburn. This American comic strip is published every day. It is well known for its single-panel layout and ridiculous comedy. This comic series debuted in April 2008 and is syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndication. It explores humor inspired by a child’s imagination but aimed at an adult audience, with a variety of humorous characters.


His use of ridiculous comedy and a single-panel format have been influenced by a number of single-panel comic artists. His comics cover a wide range of topics, from witty observations on everyday life to bizarre scenarios involving mythical creatures, animals, and even nonliving things. He now has 105,000 followers on Instagram, which is a sizable following. We’ve included his best comics in the section that follows.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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#1. Pull Finger


#2. Human Body


#3. Life is short

#4. Facebook


#5. No Instrument

#6. Sad Story


His comics feature a variety of characters, including bears, bees, chickens, wolves, dogs, cats, zebras, police officers, game show hosts, and even cavemen. His comics are funny in a way that is both clever and relatable. He has perfect skills for finding humor in the everyday, and his characters are always up for a good laugh.

#7. Plus Sizes

#8. Reviews


#9. Fortune

#10. Comma Sutra


#11. pi

#12. Ghost Pepper


#13. Cat

According to the artist, it’s hard to make people laugh with just one panel. However, he never fails to make his fans laugh, and he succeeds at expressing humor in a single panel. The Argyle Sweater is a comic strip that’s worth checking out if you’re searching for something to laugh about. For this, you have to simply click Here And Here.

#14. Bowl Holders


#15. Cleaner Job

#16. Vacation


#17. Under his Bed

#18. Ghost


#19. Home

#20. Yes


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