20 Heartwarming Comics of Sundae Kids Spreads Love and Laughter


Hey there, picture this: an artistic wonderland on Instagram where love, in all its flavors, takes center stage. Among the constellation of talented creators, there shines a star—Pratchaya Mahapauraya, the creative mind behind “Sundae Kids.” If Instagram were an art gallery, this account would be its masterpiece.

Mahapauraya doesn’t just draw; she orchestrates emotions on a canvas. Her illustrations aren’t just about love; they’re a symphony of sentiments—sexual, platonic, familial—all poured into delicate hues and intricate details. You’d expect nothing less from a maestro who knows how to capture hearts with a stroke of whimsy.

With over 790,000 followers and counting, Sundae Kids isn’t just a corner of the internet; it’s a sanctuary. It’s where people of all ages seek solace in the warm embrace of Mahapauraya’s creations. Her art isn’t just pretty; it’s a beacon of love, kindness, and compassion in a world that craves these very virtues. You can also see her previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: Sundae Kids

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#1. Never Forget


#2. Therapy

#3. Till Death


#4. Don’t Love

#5. Let Me Help


Now, let’s peek behind the curtain. How does the magic happen? Well, Mahapauraya’s journey into comics began like a quiet whisper in her mind—a gentle nudge to share her view of the world through endearing illustrations. Her ideas? They bloom like wildflowers in a meadow—sometimes from personal experiences, other times from the shared tales of love and connection she encounters.

#6. True Bonding

#7. Trying Too Hard


#8. Sunshine

#9. Eyes Tell


#10. This is Life

One of her most cherished creations? Two figures, hand in hand, are framed by the words “I Choose You Every Day.” It’s a simple phrase, yet it resonates with multitudes, echoing across social media platforms. Its simplicity carries a profound message—a reminder that love is a daily choice, a commitment beyond words. Sundae Kids’ reach extends beyond Instagram; her artwork has graced numerous publications, spreading warmth and tenderness wherever it goes. And the secret sauce? It’s not just about drawing; it’s about touching souls with a stroke of a pen.

#11. Every Time


#12. True Love

#13. Behind my anger is my sadness


#14. Are you ok?

#15. Hate


#16. On My Mind

Mahapauraya’s art is a love letter to humanity—where love isn’t just an emotion but a guiding light. So, as you scroll through Instagram, keep an eye out for Sundae Kids. You might just find a piece that speaks volumes without uttering a word—a piece that makes your heart skip a beat and your soul dance with joy.

#17. Paper


#18. Out and Proud

#19. Black and White


#20. No One Else

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