Here are 20 Sweet and Decent illustrations about Love by “Sundae Kids”

Instagram has emerged as a hub for creative people to share their work with the world and display their skills in the social media world. The Instagram account “Sundae Kids” sticks out among the numerous artists there. Instagram user Pratchaya Mahapauraya makes charming and decent drawings about love. The story includes endearing and sentimental illustrations that show love in all of its manifestations, whether it be sexual, platonic, or familial. She is renowned for her use of delicate hues, deft details, and whimsical subjects that hold the attention of the viewer.

With over 687,000 followers and growing, the account has amassed a sizable following. Many people have found comfort in the heartwarming sentiments conveyed through the artist’s illustrations, which have become popular among users of all ages. Sundae Kids’ artwork is not only beautiful, but it also conveys essential messages of love, kindness, and compassion. Her artwork conveys essential messages of love, kindness, and compassion that have struck a chord with people of all ages.

One of the artist’s best-known works depicts two people holding hands with the phrase “I choose you every day” inscribed above them. This simple but powerful message has struck a chord with many people and has been extensively shared on social media platforms. Sundae Kids’ artwork has been published on numerous websites and publications in addition to Instagram. In the following part, we’ve compiled her top 20 illustrations. I hope everyone enjoys these comics.

Credit: Sundae Kids

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#1. Relatable?

#2. Love towards each other

#3. I like Flowers


#4. Missing each other

#5. Everything will be ok

#6. Something big!


#7. Grow up!

#8. Always yours

#9. Special day!


#10. Something missing

#11. Surprise!

#12. Getting older


#13. Feeling warm

#14. Others vs you

#15. Your love


#16. Want you all day

#17. Recharge me!

#18. Heart feels full


#19. Always here

#20. I am sorry

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