20 Strange Trek Comics Based on Horror Situations Full of Dark Humor

The Instagram account known by the username Strange Trek is well-known for its darkly humorous horror comics. Roby Poche is a brilliant artist who made it. He is an Austin, Texas-based artist. Since he began creating comics in 2019, his work has garnered a sizable fan base thanks to its special humor and style. His comics are usually humorous, short, and contain a surprising or frightening twist.


His dark or strange humor regularly takes an unexpected turn in his comics. He uses comics themes from movies, video games, and even other comic characters. His comics generally touch on relatable topics with a dark and humorous touch, despite their sometimes cartoony art style. He has 32,200 followers on his Instagram account. If you are a fan of dark humor, you should definitely check out his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Strange Trek

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#1. Maybe all of us should sleep in a couple of years


#2. Are you my mummy?


#3. Nightmare

#4. More Episode


#5. Hate Fish

#6. Playing a Game


He started creating comics thanks to the unique circumstances surrounding COVID. Roby had always wanted to try creating comics but hadn’t found the time. Roby was unexpectedly awarded some free time during the worldwide lockdown. He took advantage of the chance to finally experience the world of comic strip making. In July 2020, Roby began experimenting with comic book illustration after finding more time.

#7. Check this out

#8. Fun Fact


#9. Life is scarier than fiction

#10. Lets all summon a demon


#11. Weird one

#12. Missing


#13. Run Away


#14. under the mask

He claims that while walking about Austin or going on hikes, he gets most of his ideas for comics. All of these situations are typically depicted by him in four-panel comics. In his early comics, skeletons and zombies were among the spooky horror characters he portrayed in black-and-white graphics. Fortunately, they also amuse his fans. If you believe his jokes are funny, don’t forget to share his blog and leave a comment. If you want to see his earlier posts on our website, you have to go HereHere And Here.

#15. Clever girl


#16. Messed Up

#17. Just have to get the right timing


#18. This could have saved hours

#19. Sad


#20. Last Slice

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