30 Horror and Dark Comics with Unexpected Twists By “Strangertrek”

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“Roby Poche” is an artist who creates horror comics with dark touch. He is basically from Austin,Texas in the United States. His comics are full of pop culture intertext, unexpected endings and touches of darkness. His content is always amusable for his fans that’s why he has currently family of 33.9k followers on his instagram account.


The artist started drawing comics in 2020. At that time covid gave him plenty of time. That’s why he started comics and today he has huge audience. Most of the ideas about comics comes in his mind while hiking or walking around Austin. He also loves pop culture because pop culture is a big part of his life. He genuinely love things like star wars and the iron giant, so drawing comics of these is a lot of fun for him.

The basic theme of this artist’s comics is dark by using horror characters such as Skeletons, Zombies and Ghosts. He says that my comics are really just things that I think are funny and want to draw. Luckily other people think they are funny too. Let’s take a look on some of his horror illustrations in the following section.

Credit: Strangetrek

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