20 Times This Artist Creates Horror Comics Full of Dark Puns and Sudden Twists




StrangeTrek is an artist who creates comics with dark twists and unexpected endings. The artist, whose real name is Roby Poche, started drawing comics in 2020 and has since gained popularity for their unique brand of horror. The comics cover a wide range of topics, from the afterlife and fairy tales to absurd reality. StrangeTrek’s style has evolved from black and white to colorful yet simple illustrations. His comics are perfect for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. Poche’s comics are clever, witty, and always unexpected.

In addition to being funny, StrangeTrek comics are also often dark and relatable. Poche’s comics often deal with the challenges of everyday life, such as relationships, work, and family. However, Poche’s comics never shy away from the dark side of life. They often deal with topics such as death, loss, and pain. This combination of humor and darkness is what makes his comics so unique. Poche’s comics are not afraid to tackle difficult topics, but they always do so with a sense of humor. He has 33,000 Instagram followers.

Poche’s comics often deal with themes of everyday life, but they always have a unique and unexpected twist. For example, one comic shows a man walking down the street when he is suddenly attacked by a group of zombies. The man manages to escape, but he is then chased by a group of vampires. The comic ends with the man running into a house and locking the door behind him. However, the doorknob turns, and the man realizes that he is now trapped inside with the zombies and vampires. StrangeTrek Comics are perfect for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. Poche’s comics are clever, witty, and always unexpected. They are sure to leave you smiling. If you’re looking for a good laugh, or if you’re just looking for a comic that will make you think, then you should check out StrangeTrek Comics. You won’t be disappointed.

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#1. Souls

#2. Flirting

#3. Time to go

#4. Lemonade

#5. Titanic

#6. Rain

#7. Great friends

#8. Rocks

#9. Trash can

#10. Game

#11. Bat

#12. Mars

#13. Sister

#14. Not hungry

#15. You

#16. How flat the earth is

#17. Turned human

#18. Excuse me

#19. Still hot

#20. Calculator

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