20 Strange Planet Comics Depicts the Lives of Aliens and Shows Human Emotions

Nathan W. Pyle is an American cartoonist and writer best known for […]

Nathan W. Pyle is an American cartoonist and writer best known for his webcomic Strange Planet, which depicts the lives of blue, alien-like creatures navigating human emotions and experiences in a whimsical and thought-provoking way. He is the author, illustrator, and cartoonist of The New York Times. He is the creator of the well-known Instagram account, which has amassed 6.5 million followers as of right now and is continually growing.

His comics have witty, sometimes philosophical dialogue that makes lighthearted observations about human nature and the outside environment. Even though they appear to be humorous, Pyle’s comics regularly explore deeper themes of friendship, love, and finding purpose in life. They may also be quite emotional. His top 20 comics are available in the section below.

Credit: Strange Planet

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#1. Sunset

#2. creature Sustenance

#3. Drainage Expert


#4. Do not squeeze

#5. Ideal companion

#6. Knowledge Transmission


This popular web comic follows the lives of the blue creatures on their home planet as they deal with everyday situations like going to work, making friends, and falling in love. It was launched in 2019, and Strange Planet quickly gained popularity for its quirky humor and heartwarming moments. He always captures these situations only in four-panel comics.

#7. Well I hope you are devastated

#8. Never

#9. Wise Words


#10. Excessive Worth

#11. Stays together

#12. Helpless


#13. Unpleasant Situations

#14. Best Friends

These genderless beings on a strange planet discuss human experiences in highly technical terms. His comics have also been collected in several books, including “Strange Planet,” “The Sneaking, Hiding, Vibrating Creature,” and “NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.” You can find Pyle’s comics on his website, Instagram, as well as on our website by simply clicking here and here.

#15. Mouth Stones


#16. That’s Good

#17. Look Damaged

#18. Are you wounded?


#19. Pain

#20. Communication Device

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