An Artist Captures Aliens Confused By Human Behavior and Their Observations are humorous (20 Comics)




Imagine aliens observing Earth and its inhabitants, scratching their heads in utter confusion at our everyday actions. This imaginative premise forms the core of a genre of humor where artists playfully depict extraterrestrial beings trying to make sense of human life. Their observations, often taken literally and devoid of our cultural context, result in hilariously absurd and insightful commentary. This creative approach allows artists to cast a satirical spotlight on the idiosyncrasies of human existence.

One of the shining examples of this genre is Nathan Pyle’s “Strange Planet.” Through his endearing alien characters, Pyle explores the complexities of human life with a touch of innocence and wonder. We have compiled his best illustrations in the next section. We hope everyone will enjoy these comics. If you want to enjoy his previous posts on Boredcomics, then click here and here.

Credit: Strange Planet

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#1. Collection

#2. Decided to Rank

#3. Thriving

#4. Mouth Stones

#5. Magical

#6. Don’t seem judicious

Nathan W. Pyle’s Instagram account, @nathanwpylestrangeplanet, features the webcomic and has 6.6 million followers, 1 following, and 1,622 posts. Strange Planet has become incredibly popular since it was first published in 2019. It has been praised for its unique and creative humor, as well as its relatable and heartwarming characters. The comic has also been credited with helping people see the world in a new light and appreciate the absurdity of everyday life.

#7. Lawless Creature

#8. Tiny Snacks

#9. Unsettling Scenarios

#10. Vital Organ

#11. Mutual Digest

The comic follows a group of blue aliens as they navigate their everyday lives, which are often filled with strange and absurd rituals and customs. The aliens are often confused by human behavior, and their observations are often humorous and insightful. The aliens in “Strange Planet” tackle everything from friendships and romantic relationships to the baffling nuances of parenthood. Their literal and straightforward approach to understanding these aspects of humanity leads to observations that are both astute and amusing.

#12. Deception

#13. Multiple Offspring

#14. Digit Loops

#15. Heaviest Object

#16. Grain Receptacle

Indeed, “Strange Planet” by Nathan Pyle is a brilliant example of an artist capturing the humorous observations of aliens as they navigate the perplexing world of human behavior. Pyle’s comic series features these endearing extraterrestrial beings who provide a comically detached and often bemused perspective on our everyday actions and interactions. Through their quirky and literal interpretations of human activities, the aliens shed light on the absurdity and idiosyncrasies of our behavior, turning the mundane into moments of hilarity.

#17. Overheated

#18. No emotional pain

#19. Where is your pain?

#20. More Wisdom

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