20 Weird Comics by Artist “Nathan” who has More Than 6 million Followers




Nathan W. Pyle is an artist who has gained widespread popularity on Instagram with 6.5 million followers for his unique and creative approach to illustrating everyday moments in life. His illustrations often depict surreal and whimsical scenarios, highlighting the beauty and humor in mundane experiences. Born in Ohio in 1982, Pyle studied at Ohio University before moving to New York City to pursue a career in animation.

Pyle began posting his illustrations on Instagram in 2016 and rapidly garnered a following for his relatable and frequently humorous depictions of everyday life. His illustrations typically feature stick figures and simple backgrounds, but they have a sense of playfulness and inventiveness that sets them apart. Strange Planet, one of Pyle’s best-known series, depicts a group of blue aliens going about their everyday lives on Earth. The series has gone viral, with each illustration supported by a humorous caption that mocks human quirks.

Pyle’s illustrations frequently address serious problems, such as mental health and social justice. Despite his social media success, Pyle stays humble and grateful to his followers. “I’m just happy that people enjoy what I’m doing,” he said in an interview with The New York Times. That is all I am concerned with. His relatable and humorous depictions of daily life have earned him a large social media following, and his work continues to motivate and entertain people of all ages. In the following part, you can see his most recent 20 illustrations.

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Credit: Strange planet

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#1. Happy Birthday

#2. That’s painful

#3. Had an idea

#4. Hard drive

#5. Too far

#6. Composure

#7. Montage

#8. Predator

#9. Idiom

#10. Appear identical

#11. Relocated an organism

#12. Just stop greg

#13. Relax

#14. Regular

#15. Shoving

#16. Restart

#17. Local atmosphere

#18. Guess

#19. Thank you

#20. Hello

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