20 Stephen Beals Comics Shows Everyday Situations Faced in Customer Service

We all face situations in customer service. Some of us have good experience, and some of us may not. This is what an Instagram artist named Stephen Beals captures in his comics. He is a cartoonist known for his webcomic series, Adult Children. His comics humorously capture the struggles and everyday situations faced by people working in customer service and retail.

Stephen Beals’ comics often feature awkward interactions between customers and retail workers, as well as relatable moments between colleagues. By capturing such moments, he is able to reach an audience of 20,100 on his Instagram account. His work has resonated with many people who have worked in similar jobs, and his comics have been featured in various online publications and even collected into books. You can check out his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Stbeals

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#1. Ridiculous

#2. At work

#3. Circle of Life

#4. Detour

#5. Round Up

#6. Magic Desk

Beals’ comics are funny and clever, and they often use hilarious puns and wit to highlight the absurdity of some situations. His comics deal with themes that are familiar to many people who have worked in retail or customer service, such as dealing with difficult customers, feeling unappreciated, and the tension of daily tasks.

#7. Smoke Break

#8. The Doctor

#9. agree to Agree

#10. Old Bag

#11. That’s not right

#12. Reward

#13. Over time

#14. Manage

Despite the sometimes humorous tone, the comics ultimately have a positive message. They highlight the importance of humor and camaraderie in dealing with difficult situations. If you’re looking for a webcomic that is both funny and relatable, then StBeals is definitely worth checking out. You can find his comics on his website, as well as on our website, by simply clicking HereHere, And Here.

#15. Home Again

#16. Hospital Vickie

#17. Can’t Believe

#18. Crazy Eating

#19. Immediate Action

#20. Remodeling

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