20 Skeleton Claw Comics Known For Dark Humor and Bizarre Characters

Laughing can help reduce tension or anxiety that has built up around touchy subjects. Because of the humor’s frequent use of hidden meanings and multiple levels of meaning, it frequently makes you wonder. When we understand the joke, this intellectual struggle can be enjoyable and refreshing, giving us a sense of achievement. The enjoyment increases with the process of grasping the humor and realizing its complexity. We’re presenting to you today another comics creator that explores similar subjects.

The talented artist known as “Andy Aka” has amassed a sizable fan base of 49,800 thanks to his dark and humorous comics. The webcomic serial “Skeleton Claw,” which is set in an oddly entertaining world with an eccentric cast of characters, is something he developed and owns. At an early age, he started honing his skills by sketching and experimenting with different mediums and styles. He began to concentrate more on comics and graphics as he grew older and started his own webcomic series. Let’s take a look at some of his best comics.

Credit: Skeleton Claw

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#1. Fortune Seeking

#2. Darkness

#3. Very Deep

#4. Albums

#5. Change The Settings

#6. Being Good

Guitars, spiders, Jiu-Jitsu, ghosts, vampires, and broken dreams are all featured in this webcomic. His ability to create humorous yet endearing characters is what makes his comics enjoyable to read. It’s obvious that, as long as he keeps creating and sharing his art, he is an artist who will make us laugh and smile for an eternity. His comics can provide an outlet for healing by humorously addressing serious or dark themes.

#7. If you follow me in incognito mode no one will ever know

#8. Good news

#9. Last Minute Costume

#10. Vampire

#11. Help

#12. End is Near

#13. Feeling Nostalgic

Skeleton Claw Comics enhances this combination by amplifying these impacts through its distinct environment and cast of characters. A playful framework for examining death, existential issues, and social taboos is provided by the dark theme option. Even with their horrific characters, the skeletons themselves are lovable and sympathetic, which adds to the humor of their hilarious adventures. You can also see some of his previous posts on Boredcomics, which you can see by clicking here.

#14. Powers Combined

#15. Cherries

#16. Are you kidding me?

#17. Satisfaction

#18. New Script

#19. Seems To Good

#20. Got it

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