It’s impossible not to Laugh at These 20 Hilariously Wacky Comics by Skeleton Claw

“Andy aka,” a talented artist, has garnered a large following of 43,500 […]

“Andy aka,” a talented artist, has garnered a large following of 43,500 fans with his outrageous and hilarious cartoons. He developed and owns the webcomic serial “Skeleton Claw,” which is set in an oddly entertaining world with an eccentric cast of characters. He began practicing his skill at a young age by sketching and experimenting with various mediums and styles. As he grew older, he started to focus more on comics and graphics and created his own webcomic series.

“Skeleton Claw” is a unique and imaginative comic that explores a variety of subjects, from the ridiculous to the bizarre. The program centers on a collection of skeletons who have been given supernatural abilities and powers after being reanimated by an unidentified entity. The comic’s characters all have distinctive personalities and quirks that help to make them each unforgettable and endearing in their own way.

This webcomic includes guitars, spiders, vampires, jiu-jitsu, ghosts, and broken dreams. His comics are pleasant to read because he is renowned for his talent for creating silly yet endearing characters. It is clear that he is an artist who will make us chuckle and smile for many years to come as long as he continues to produce and share his work. In addition to some of his early entries on boredcomics, which can be viewed by clicking here and here, you can view his most recent 20 comics in the section below.

Credit: Skeleton Claw

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#1. You know what they say. Revenge is a dish best served straight from the jar

#2. Astrology

#3. Be the best guitarist


#4. Memories

#5. I am a bit early

#6. This acid is so cheap


#7. At a costume party

#8. Crickets

#9. Take your shoes off


#10. I got an idea

#11. I am gonna kick your ass

#12. Epson painters


#13. Leeches

#14. Meet santa

#15. Half lizard


#16. This is fine art

#17. Comic about crime

#18. Radioactive Police officer


#19. It’s escaped

#20. We need your help!

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