20 Siberian Lizard Comics Shares Her Everyday Life with Her Two Ferrets


Siberian Lizard is the Instagram account of an artist named Liza Nechaeva, who creates comics about her life with her two ferrets and other creatures. Her comics focus on the humorous and adorable adventures of Liza’s pet ferrets, Meemoo and Feefo. They likely feature slice-of-life situations and observational humor based on the ferrets’ silly things.

Her comics offer a heartwarming and humorous look at life with ferrets. The artist says that her main motivation to create comics about her life is her love for her pets. Her talent for capturing their silly things is what makes her comics so attractive. By doing so, she is able to amass an audience of 127,000 followers on her Instagram account. Let’s enjoy some of her best comics in the next section.

Credit: Siberian Lizard

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#1. Come Play with us


#2. Waiting

#3. Feed Situation


#4. Sleeping

#5. Licking


#6. Valentines

She is a Siberian illustrator who now resides in London. She told us that, in order to create a comic script, she usually starts by drawing the punchline and works backwards. Most of Liza’s jokes are observational because she gets so much entertainment out of her two ferrets during the day. Liza believes a lot of owners of ferrets will be able to relate to her cartoons and recognize similar situations in their own houses.

#7. Whole Day


#8. Bath Time

#9. Looks So festive


#10. Candy

#11. Hair Dye


#12. Make a wish

#13. Never start the play


#14. Amazing

#15. Go for a walk


She says there seems to be a lack of comics dedicated to ferrets compared to more common pets like cats and dogs. Perhaps Liza saw an opportunity to fill this gap and share her passion for these unique creatures. By using humor, Liza might aim to not only entertain but also promote appreciation for ferrets and responsible pet ownership. If you want to enjoy more of her comics, then be sure to visit here and here.

#16. So cute

#17. Worthy


#18. So long

#19. Already got one


#20. Mess Again

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