20 Funny Comics About the Awkward Experiences That We Faced

Say Hey Simon is an online comic series created by Vienna-based artist Simon. When asked few years ago how She started this web comic, she said that her love of comics inspired her to start it instead of wanting to start making movies. The artist’s content has been published many times before on Bored Comics. If you have not watched this yet, then feel free to explore by visiting the links here and here.

It’s a social media comedy account with humorous scenarios. That’s why it’s not your typical comic strip. The artist has 10,000 Instagram followers and is active on social media. She started uploading these comics in 2021, and she has been gaining some followers ever since. You will be inspired to explore the universe this illustrator has created by the beautiful and beloved characters she uses in her comics.

Credit: Say Hey Simon

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Here are some of the best comics that you can enjoy and forget about your worries and struggles:

#1. Too Much to do

#2. Fitness Videos

#3. When life give you lemons


#4. Dieting be like

#5. Gamers waiting for

#6. Appreciation


The artist said that she truly planned to start animating movies a year ago when we questioned her about her personal interests. She drew a great deal during that period, found her own artistic style, and learned the commitment to work on it every day. It didn’t satisfy her. The artist did not decide to try her hand at making her own comics until her summer vacation. She was able to fulfill her imaginative desires in her own unique way.

#7. Squid Baking

#8. Preparing to get fit

#9. When you aim to high


#10. Found soulmate

#11. Love barbecue

#12. When love has its limits


#13. Dieting is not an option

The true beauty of Simon’s excellent story is in the large number of jokes in her comics that will have you laughing aloud. Simon’s characters are genuinely lovely, and the humor is never disturbing. You will be cheering them on constantly, even the silliest ones. For more such comics, you can visit Bored Comics on a regular basis. Do not forget to comment about your favorite comics, and have a great day ahead.

#14. Even death is no escape

#15. Stone boy


#16. Airplane passengers

#17. Produce cow milk

#18. Screen time for a life time


#19. Costumers

#20. Shortcut

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