20 SayHeySimon Comics about Clever Situations to Make You Laugh

Simon, an artist residing in Vienna, is the creator of the web […]

Simon, an artist residing in Vienna, is the creator of the web comic SayHeySimon. It is an online comic centered on humorous scenarios. Therefore, it’s not your typical comic strip. The artist has 10,200 Instagram followers and is active on social media. He added that three years ago, when asked how he got started on this web comic, he wanted to start animating films, but his love for comics made him want to start this web comic.

He drew more than ever during that period, found his own sketching style, and learned the discipline to work on it every day. The artist’s topics are nearly endless when it comes to themes. Everything should be included, from climate change to everyday situations and completely bizarre moments. However, he typically tries to motivate the reader with a brief message. Let’s examine his top twenty comics.

Credit: SayHeySimon

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#1. Time to work

#2. Unrealistic

#3. Right tree


#4. Unhealthy working conditions

#5. trying to survive

#6. Plants tip


The real magic in Simon’s skillful storytelling is that his comics are full of smart puns and clever jokes that will make you laugh out loud. The humor is never harsh because there’s a sincere kindness and warmth to Simon’s characters. Even the most ridiculous ones will have you clapping them on at every moment.

#7. procrastination

#8. don’t feel well

#9. Algorithm


#10. Animals

#11. Role model

#12. Self defense


#13. Saving

#14. New year

On August 2nd, 2021, she began uploading these comics, and ever since then, she has been garnering a few followers. His comics are filled with colors and appealing characters that will motivate you to explore the universe this illustrator has created. I hope you enjoy his comics. Remember to share and leave a comment on this blog. Click this link to enjoy more comics.

#15. someone wants to rob


#16. still searching

#17. cheated

#18. favorite gift


#19. not good

#20. new email

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