20 absurd comics about situations happens in everyday life by SayHeySimon

On social media, where everyone’s vying for attention, there’s a shining star […]

On social media, where everyone’s vying for attention, there’s a shining star that goes by the name SayHeySimon. This Instagram comics artist has managed to carve out a cozy corner for themselves with a unique blend of humor and absurdity that’s taken the platform by storm. But how did it all begin? Let’s rewind the clock and dive into the whimsical journey of SayHeySimon.

Our story starts not in a grand art studio but in the everyday life of Simon, a regular person with a knack for finding humor in the mundane. Simon, like many of us, found solace in doodling. These weren’t intricate masterpieces; they were simple, spontaneous drawings that captured the essence of everyday situations.

Credit: SayHeySimon

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#1. High Love

#2. Hobbies

#3. Men Have Feelings Too


#4. Dangerous Game

#5. Beds

#6. Look


One day, amidst the doodles and day-to-day chaos, Simon had an epiphany. Why not turn these snippets of humor into something more? And thus, the journey of SayHeySimon, the Instagram comics artist, began. Simon’s motivation was simple yet powerful: the desire to spread joy and laughter. Life can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and Simon wanted to create something that could serve as a virtual escape, a brief moment of respite from the daily grind. The thought that someone, somewhere, might chuckle at one of their comics was motivation enough.

#7. Army of ducks

#8. Cheating

#9. When you care too much


#9. Every Season

#10. Enemy at home

#11. Friendship Goals


The humble beginnings of Instagram saw Simon experiment with different styles and themes. The key is relatability. Simon tapped into the everyday experiences that we all share but often overlook. Whether it was the struggle of untangling earphones or the joy of finding a forgotten snack in the pantry, Simon’s comics struck a chord with the audience.

As the Instagram following began to grow, so did the excitement. Simon’s comics were no longer confined to the Instagram grid; they found their way onto Reddit, where the community embraced the humor with open arms. The engagement was not just about sharing comics but also building a connection. Simon’s friendly and approachable personality shone through, turning followers into fans.

#12. Guilty Anyway

#13. Choose Wisely

#14. Money vs Love


#15. Wrong Country

#16. My tears are the dressing

Today, with a whopping 10,500 followers on Instagram, SayHeySimon has become a beacon of light in the social media universe. The comics, still rooted in the simplicity of everyday life, have evolved into a source of comfort for many. Simon’s talent is undeniable, but it’s their relatability and genuine connection with the audience that set them apart.

SayHeySimon isn’t just an Instagram comics artist; they’re a creator who understands the power of laughter in bringing people together. As the journey continues, one can only imagine the heights of hilarity and heartwarming moments that lie ahead.

#17. Where is my mask?


#18. Nothing Speaks Against it

#19. Gamer

#20. Who can relate?


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