20 Sasha Tsoy Comics Shows the Struggles of Everyday Life in a Relatable Way

Social media sites like Instagram have given millions of talented artists in the modern digital era a platform to share their work with a wider audience. Sashotso Art, an Instagram account with a sizable following of 60,400 followers, is one such talented artist. Because of her unique and charming artwork, Sashotso Art has made a name for herself in the art world.

The artist behind this comic strip is Sasha Tsoy. She works as a freelance illustrator and designer. She is an American artist who learned everything on her own. The artist has always had a passion for using her art to express herself, and she has been making art since she was a young child. Her primary sources of inspiration are emotions, nature, and the human being. The section that follows has some of her best illustrations.

Credit: Sashotso Art

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#1. Window Seat

#2. Long Flight

#3. International Babies

#4. Topless

#5. Makeup Wipes

#6. Summer

She creates relatable comics about everyday life, relationships, and struggles, often targeting women. Her comics are always based on the struggles and joys of everyday life. She also uses color to express feelings, using warmer colors to represent joy and love and colder colors to represent sadness. Her art style is simple and clean, with an emphasis on humor and expression.

#7. Anti-murder Device

#8. Disney Crushes

#9. Whisper

#10. So relatable

#11. Nick Name

#12. Food Baby

#13. Waving my hair

#14. GYM

In addition, she makes digital artwork that she posts on her Instagram account. With its fine details and beautiful colors, her digital artwork is every bit as appealing as her paintings. She also uses her skill at capturing the inner lives of her subjects to make remarkably realistic digital pictures of people. Please remember to share and leave a comment if you enjoy the article. Click here and here to view her previous posts.

#15. Wearing a tight dress

#16. Smiling

#17. Fit Jeans

#18. Adorable

#19. Red Lipstick

#20. Detangling

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