20 Samimations Comics Shows The Random Moments from Life Of Animals

We have grown used to watching animals rushing over fields, birds flying through the skies, and people swimming in oceans. But while they are performing all of these actions, we have no idea what’s going through their minds. But Samimations makes an effort to imagine something. She makes animal drawings about the everyday situations the artist places these species in, giving them humanity characteristics that make it very simple to relate to them. 

An Instagram account named Samimations is well-known for its realistic and hilarious drawings that give viewers an inside look at the inner lives of animals. This webcomic has over 5,883 followers and is a well-liked place for humor and animal lovers. Animal supporters are starting to appreciate this account because of its realistic and amusing comics.

Credit: Samimations

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She works as a doctor, but she has a deep affection for animals. And that was pretty much my original motivation for starting to make these comics. She also discovers beauty and humor in ordinary things. Her comics portray the adorable, humorous, and witty moments that we all come across, with a focus on realistic scenarios. She has learned a great deal about animals as a result of her favorable feelings toward them. Enjoy her finest comics, please.

#1. What is your wisdom?

#2. Don’t care

#3. Hey Handsome


#4. Killed them all

#5. Makes Sense

#6. Want Pineapple Pizza


The writer of this comic series chose to make fantastic comics with this theme since she loves animals. She possesses the additional knowledge she has collected over the years, which enables him to write stories with greater creativity. It enables her to achieve the perfect balance between remaining somewhat human and maintaining the humanity of her characters, the animals, and herself.

#7. Humor

#8. Go to sleep

#9. World Problems


#10. So Sad

#11. Be like blue whale


#12. Mid Term Exam

#13. Such a good role model

#14. Fishing Trip


It’s amazing how well this comic book series portrays the emotions and ideas of animals. His illustrations typically emphasize the bonds that exist between humans and animals, showing that our furry companions have complex inner lives as well. If you truly love animals, you will be able to relate to this website. For more comics of similar type, you can visit our website on a regular basis and simply visit these links: Here And Here.

#15. If you ever feel useless

#16. Back Again

#17. Not happy


#18. Questionable

#19. Favorite color


#20. Sacrifice

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